Student Transport, PPE, and Bus Cleaning Protocol

Student Transport, PPE & Bus Cleaning Protocol

Student Transport Protocols

  • Passengers should wear cloth face coverings at all times.  Some special needs students may not tolerate or be medically able to comply with the requirement.  

  • Extra masks will be kept on board and available for passengers who do not have a mask upon boarding.

  • Passengers should sit in separate seats whenever possible.  The use of a seating chart is required for contact tracing purposes. Drivers will create a seating chart prior to departure.  Any changes throughout the trip will be updated upon return.  Seating charts will be kept on file at the Transportation office.  A copy will also be kept on the bus for driver/bus monitor reference.  

  • During loading, students should be seated at the back of the bus first and fill in toward the front to limit face- to-face contact while passing in the aisle.

  • Proper ventilation will be maintained while passengers are on board by opening as many windows, hatches and vents as possible/practical.  Drivers/monitors will do this prior to departure. 

  • All previously established Bus Rules of Conduct remain in effect for student behavior and safety. 


Staff Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Cloth face coverings must be worn while in any district building or while driving the school bus with passengers on board. 

  • Face shields can be used as an added level of protection but are not approved by DOH to replace a cloth face covering. 

  • Disposable gloves may be worn if you so choose but are not mandatory.  The best defense is to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently and avoid touching your face. 

  • Hand sanitizer can be kept on the bus in the quantities allowable by WSP (16oz)


Bus Cleaning

  • School buses will be sanitized and disinfected each time they return to the bus garage after transporting passengers. 

  • Cleaning in between runs can be done at schools or layover points if practical.

  • Drivers will be required to spray the entire bus including the front and backs of each seat back, the seat benches, frequently touched surfaces, and the driver compartment. 

  • Frequently touched surfaces, such as handrails, will be cleaned as much as practical.

  • District approved disinfectant solution will be available in spray bottles at the bus garage for use by drivers.  PPE is not required for the safe handling of this product.

  • Spray bottles can be kept on buses by driver request.(Supplies may be limited)  In those circumstances, spray bottles and cleaning supplies will be kept in the outside compartment of the bus. 

  • Proper ventilation should be used during and after cleaning to decrease dry time.